Jabir Ibne Hayyan
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Jabir Ibne Hayyan

Jabir Ibne Hayyan

(721AD-815AD of Koresan , Iran)

Father of Chemistry

Books written By Him:

  • Kitab Al Kimya
  • Book of Balances
  • Book of Kaigdom
  • Kitab Al sab’een.
  • Book of Eastern Mercury.
  • 100 Monumental Treatises, 22 on chemistry & Al chemy.

His Achievements & Contributions:

  • Developed Aqua Regia to dissolve Gold.
  • Invented olembic systemized the process of distillation.
  • Break through includes: Nitric, Hydrochloric cirtric and tartaric Acid’s preparations.
  • Paved the way of classifications of substance into metals,non-metals and volatile substance and the law of constant proportions.
  • He perfected scientific techniques such as Crystallization, Distillation, Calcination , Sublimation ,Evaporation and development of several Instruments for the same.

Pioneer of Applied Chemistry:

Preparation of various metals , development of steel, dyeing of cloth and tanning of leather, varnishing of water proof cloth, use of manganese dioxide in glass making, prevention of rusting, lettering in gold, Identification of paints and greases etc.

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