Ibn Zuhr
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Ibn Zuhr

Ibn Zuhr

(1091CE – 1161CE of seville, Spain)

The First Parasitoloigist

Books written by Him:

  • Kitab Al Taisir fi Al Mudawat wa Al Tadhir ( Book of simplification concerning Therapeutics and Diet ) – gives pathalogical conditions in detail followed by theraphy.
  • Kitab al Iqtisad fi Islah Al Anfus wa Ajsad (Book of the middle course conerning the reformation of Souls & Bodies – gives a summary of diseases, therapeutics and hygiene written specially for the benefit of the layman – A valuable discourse on psycology.
  • Kitab Al aghthiya ( A book on food stuffs) – describes different types of food and drugs and their effects on health.

Achievements & Contributions :

  • Produced works of everlasting fame.
  • Made several discoveries and breakthroughs.
  • Books translated into Ltin & Hebrews and remained popular in Europe as late as the advent of the 18th century.
  • Correctly described Scabies and Itch mite for the First Time and there by regarded as The First Parasitolgist.
  • Gave clinical descriptions of mediastinal tumours, intestinal phthisis, inflamtion of the middle ear,pericarditis, etc.
  • Presribed tracheotomy and direct feeding through the gullet and rectum in the cases where normal feeding was not possible.
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