Ibn Zakriya Al Razi
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Ibn Zakriya Al Razi

Ibn Zakriya Al Razi

(864AD – 930AD of Ray Iran)

One of the Greatest Physicians of All Times

Books written by Him:

  • Jami fi Al Tib

  • Al Hawi

  • Maqala Al Hasat fi Kali Was Al Mathana

  • Kitab al Mafasil

  • Kitab Al Qalb.

  • Bar al Sa’ah and Al taqseem wa Al Takhsir

  • Kitab Al mansoori

  • Kitab Al Ilaj Al ghoraba

  • Kitab Al Mulooki and Kitab Al Judari wa Al Hasabah

  • 200 Outstanding contributions , 100 deal with Medicine and 21 cancer Al Chemy. He also wrote on Physics, Mthaematics, Astronomy and Optics.

Achievements & Contributions:

  • Prepared Al chohol by fermenting sweet products.
  • First Original Treatise of Small Pox & chicken Pox and he is the First one to draw the clear comparision between Small Pox & chicken Pox.
  • Opened the way for Organic and in Organic Chemistry.
  • Composed the Largest Medical Encyclopedia till his time.
  • First One to use Opium for Anaesthesia and Expert Surgeon.
  • Introduced concepts of Space & Time as constituting a continuum.
  • Designed about 20 Insturments used in Chemical Investigation.
  • The First One to produce Sulphuric Acid together with some other acids.
  • Greatly influnced for the development of Medicine in partcular& Science In General.
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