Ibn Al Baitar
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Ibn Al Baitar

Ibn Al Baitar

(1248AD of Malaqa, Spain)

The Greatest Scientist of Muslim Spain & The Greatest Botanist and Pharmicist of Middle Ages

Books written by Him:

Kitab al Jami fi Al adviya Al Mufrada. Is one the greatest compilations dealing with Medicinal plants in Arabic – Enjoyed a high among Botanists upto the 16th century.

His Achievements & Contributions:

  • In 1227AD collected plants in Syria.
  • Started collecting plants in and around Spain.
  • Appointed Chief Herbalist with Al kamil the Egyptian Governor.
  • Contributions characterized by Observations, analysis and classification.
  • Provided names in Greek and Latin, paving way for transfer of knowledge.
  • Exerted a profound influence on Eastern as well as Western Botany and Medicine.
  • References drawn from works of 150 Arabic authors & quotes from 20 early Greek Scientists.
  • Left Spain on a plant collecting expedition along the northern coast of Africa as far as Asia Minor in 1210AD.
  • Kitab al Jami – a systematic work that embodies earlier work, with due criticisom and adds a great part of original contribution.The Encyclopedia comprises of 1400 different medicinal plants and vegetables of which about 200 plants were not known earlier.
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