Ibn Ahmed Al Biruni
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Ibn Ahmed Al Biruni

Ibn Ahmed Al Biruni

(973AD – 1048AD OF Kheva, Uzbekistan)

One of the greatest scientists of all times

Books written by Him:

  • Katib Al Saodana (Indian Medicine) 2. Kitab Al Hind ( History & Geographay )
  • Kitab Al Jamahir, deals with the proper ties of various sotnes.
  • TAl Tafhim li Awail sina at Al Tayim ( A summary of Mathematics and Astronomy)
  • Al Athar Al Baquia – Connected Account of Ancient History of Nations related to Geographical knowledge – Discussed Rotation of the Earth.
  • Qanuni Masoodi ( Al Qanun Al Masoodi fi Al haiya wa Nujum), on Astronomy, Trignometry , solar, Lunar , and Planetory moitions and relative topics.

Achievements & Contributions:

  • Observed that flowers have 3,4,5,6,8,18 petals but never 7 or 9.
  • The First One to undertake experiments related to Astronomical Phenomena.
  • Scientific contributions include the accurate determination of the densities of (18 ) different stones.
  • Developed a method for trisection of an angle and other problems which can not be solved with a ruler and a campass alone.
  • His descriptions of India, were so complete that even the Acin-i-Akbari, 600 years later, owes a great deal to Al Biruni’s Book.
  • Al Biruni knew that the Earth rotates about its own axis, some 600 years prior to Galileo and determined the Earth’s circumfrence some 700 years prior to Newton.
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