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El Zahrawi Al Bucasis

El Zahrawi

Father of Surgery (936AD-1013AD) of Cordoba Spain

Book written by Him: Al Tasrif- A medical Encyclopedia spanning (30) volumes which includes section on Surgery, Medicine , Orthopedics, Opthalmology, Nutrition etc.

Achievements & Contributions:

  • The first scientist to describe the so called “Walcher Position” in Obstetrics.
  • The First One to depict dental Arches, Tongue Depresors lead Catheters.
  • The First One to describe clearly the Hereditary circumstances sunrrounding Haemophilia, described ligaturing of blood vessels long before Ambroise Pare.
  • The French Surgeon Guy de Chauliac in his great surgery completed in about 1363, quoted At – Tasrif over 200 times. El zahrawi was described by Pietro Argallate (1423AD) as “without doubt the Chief of all Surgeons.
  • Described about Chemical Preparations, Tablet making, Filtering of Extracts and related to Pharmaceuticals Techniques.
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