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Abu Ali Al-Hussain Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina

(980AD-1037AD OF Bhukara, Uzbekistan)

Books written by him: Known as the “CANON” in the west – an immense encyclopedic of medicine extending over a million words-Surveyed the entire medical knowledge available from ancient Muslim sources . Due to its systemic approach, ‘formal perfection as well as its intrinsic value, AL QANUN superseded Raz’s, Ali ibn Abbas’s Malika and even the works of GALEN and remained supreme for six centuries”.

Kitab Al Shifa: A philosophical encyclopedia was a monumental work, embodying a vast field of knowledge from philosophy to science. He classified the entire field as theoretical knowledge : Physics, mathematics, and meta Physics and practical knowledge :ethics, economics, and politics. Philosophy synthesizes Aristotelian, Neoplatonic influences and Muslim theology.

His Achievements & Contributions:

  • By the age of seven years he memorised the Holy Quran.
  • while still young, he attained such a degree of expertise in medicine that his renown spread far & wide.
  • At the age of (17), cured Nooh Ibn Mansoor the king of Bhukara, of a n illness in which all well known Physicians had given up the hope.
  • Recognition of the contagious nature of Phythisis and Tuber Culosis, distribution of diseases by water and soil and interaction between Psycology and Health.
  • In the field of music, his contribution was an improvement over Farabi’s work and was far ahead of knowledge prevailing elsewhere on the subject.
  • His treatise on minerals was one of the “main” sources of the Geology of the Christian encyclopaedists of the thirteenth century. Besides, Shifa (Healing ) his well – known treatises in philosophy are Al Nagat and Isharat.
  • In addition to describing Pharmacological methods described (760) drugs and became the most authentic material on medicine of the era.
  • Also the first to describe meningitis & made rich contributions to Anatomy, Gynecology & Child Health.
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