Al Idris
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Al Idris

Al Idris

(1099Ad – 1166AD of Ceuta, Spain)

First Man to Lay World Map

Books written By Him:

  • Rawd – Unnas wa Nazhat al Nafs (pleasire of men and delight of souls )also known as Kitab al Mamlik wa al Maslik( another Geogrphical Enncyclopedia larger than than the former.
  • Al kitab Al Rujari (Roger’s Book), also entitled Nuzhat Al Mashtaq fi Ikhtiraq al Afaq (Delight of him who desires to journey through the climates ) – a Geographical Encyclopedia of the time, containing information not only on Asia and Africa, but also Western countries.

His Achievements & Contributions:

  • Made a Planisher in Silver for King Roger II.
  • Geography books remained popular both in the East and the West for several centuries.
  • Gave the names of the Drugs in (6) languages, Syria, Greek, Persian, Hindi, Latin, and Berber.
  • Made original contributions to Geographay, especially a s related to Economics , Physiol.
  • Made available a large number of new drugs and plants together with their evaluation to the Medical Practitoners.
  • Collected plants and data not reported earlierand added this to the subject of Botany with sepecial reference to Medical Practitoners.
  • Travelled far and wide in connection with his studies and then flourished at the Norman,courtin Palermo, His major contribution lies in a Medical Plants (Botany ) as presented in his several books, especially Kitab al Jami li Sifat Ashtat al Nabatat , studied and reviewed all the literature on the subject of Medicinal Plants till that time.
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