Al Haithem
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Al Haithem

Al Haithem

((965AD – 1040AD ) of Basra, Iraq)

Father of Optics

Books written By Him:

  • Mizan Al Hikmah – Discusses the density of the atmosphere and developed a relation between it and the height.
  • kitab Al Manadhir – Exterted a great influence upon western science e.g. on the work of Roger Bacon and Kelpher – brought about great progress in experimental methods.
  • His Monumental Treatise on Optics survived through its Latin translation.

His Achievements & Contributions:

  • Known for the earliest use of camera Obscura.
  • Carried out the The First experiments on the dispersion of light into its constituent colors.
  • The First one to describe accurately various parts of the eye and gave a scientific explaination of the process of vision.
  • Made through examination of the passage of light through various media and discovered the laws of refraction.
  • Dealt at length with the theory of various physical phenomena like shadows, eclipses, rainbow, and speculated on Physical nature of light.
  • Attempted to explain binocular vision and gave a correct explanation of the apparent increase in size of the Sun and the Moon when near the Horizon
  • The First one to maintain a body moves perpetually unless an external force stops it or changes its direction of motion seems equivalent to the first law of motion.
  • Contradicted Ptolemy’s & Euclid’s theory of vision that the objects are seen by rays of light emanating from the eyes, according to him the rays originate in the object of vision and not in the eye.
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