(980AD – 1037AD)


Dr.Farhat Anwer

(Managing Director)

The Company derives inspiration from “Avicenna” (Abu Ali Al Hussain Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina). His major contribution to medical science was his famous book “Qanun fi-al-tib” known as “Canon”. The book Canon contains a lot of pharmacological methods including seven hundred sixty drugs which became the most authentic Materia Medical of the era. Avicenna was the first one who described meningitis and made a rich contribution to anatomy, gynecology and child health. By the age of seven years, he memorized the Holy Quran. While still young he attained such a degree of expertise in medicine that his renown spread far & wide. At the age of 17 he cured “Nooh Ibn Mansoor” The king of Bukhara of an illness in which all well known physicians had given up the hope. He was born in 980 AD at Afshana near Bukhara (Central Asia) and died in 1037 AD in Hamadan.

DR.FARHAT ANWER, Managing Director

Dr.Farhat Anwer, completed her graduation (Bachelor Degree in Unani Medicine & Surgery ) BUMS, in the year 1981 from Osmania University, Hyderabad T.S India and also she obtained a Training Certificate Course in Maintenance of Cardiac Equipment for Doctors from Govt. of India, Ministry of Labor, Advance Training Institute for Electronic & Process Instrumentation Hyderabad, India. Also, additionally she obtained another Bachelor Degree from Osmania University, Hyderabad. T.S India with specialization in Arabic, English and world History.

She started Medical practice (under Unani System of Medicine, Herbal) in the year 1982 in three different places of Hyderabad city & became very popular with in a short period of time, by virtue of her practice per day (16) hours.

Dr.Farhat Anwer even though did a General Practice in Unani System of Medicine (Herbal) throughout (3) decades, but had special care in the following chronic diseases like Asthma, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Migraine, Chronic Cold & Cough. Back pain, Joint pains, Arthritis, Obesity, Sciatica Psoriasis, Eczema, Diabetes & Gynecological related disorders (Alopecia) Hair fall, Dandruff, Premature Hair Greying, Pigmentation, Acne, Pimples, Wrinkles, Black & White Heads.

Helping the people for their beauty & life style related issues in her rare speciality, which prompted her to enter the business activity of manufacturing & marketing of wide range of Skin & Hair care Herbal
products. But, in fact the main objective to go into manufacturing & marketing activity of a versatile range of high quality products, is to go for extension of the benefits of the efficacy of the (30) years clinical
practice based on her own formulated medicines which have been found proven by the usage of hundreds of patients in India & outside India, suffering from the above mentioned diseases.

The real secret of her great success as a Professional practitioner is based on the following Characteristics : 1. Perfect diagnosis capability of diseases without seeing its diagnostic reports.

2. After concluding to a particular disease one is suffering from, based on her diagnosis, she always preferred for 1 or 2 lab tests that too only for confrmation of the diseases diagnosed by Dr. Farhat Anwer.

3. Hardworking, Soft heartedness, Honesty, Sincerity, Mingling Nature, lovely behavior with all patients irrespective of age, have been her basic principles of her practice.

4. Never been money conscious throughout her (3) decades of practice. Instead, found herself always helping, deserving people in general & poor patients coming to her clinic. 

In the last but not least, Dr.Farhat Anwer has no hesitation to say that it was impossible for her to establish
the M/S Avicenna Pharmaceuticals International Company, without the co-operation & Coordination & shoulder to shoulder Company of her husband Mr. Mir Anweruddin, even though he is basically, Mechanical Engineer, but since he is in possession of 40 years sound experience at Management levels in India & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Riyadh & now he is taking care of our Herbal Manufacturing & Marketing Company as Executive Director successfully.

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