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Introduction to Herbal

Best Herbal Hair Oil online Shopping store in Hyderabad.The Unani System of medicine Originates from Greece (UNANI). This System is 2500 years old, but as it depends upon the “Herbal System”. It is as old as man itself. The doctrine of Unani System of medicine was put forth by the famous Hakeem and Laureate “HIPPOCRATES” the “Father of medicine”, it is followed and modified by Aristotle and Jalinoos. (Galen). This System of medicine is well known and followed Globally and introduced in India by Arabs in the 11th Century AD.
It has been spread fast to the nook & corner of the India as it was accepted suiting the climatic conditions over here. As the Unani System of medicine revolves around the Herbs and minerals, The Indian condition and demands suits this system very well, hence it is deeply rooted throughout India with in short span.
The basics of modern medicine is actually coined by Jalinoos, Hippo crates, Rhases, Avicenna & Zehravi, and still followed and accepted by medical Fraternity, even though a lot of development has been done and still under process.

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The Unani System of medicine is based on the humoral theory, with the presence of 4 Humors Blood (Dam) Phlegm’s (Balgham) Yellow Bile (Safra) and Black Bile (Sauda) inthe body. The temperaments of persons are accordingly expressed by the words. SANGUINE, PHLEGMATIC, CHOLERIC & MELANCHOLIC according to the dominance of the Humors.

Every person is supposed to have a unique humoral constitution, which represents his healthy state. The System also highlights the importance of Body defense mechanism (Quwat-EMudafyat) and doctrine the theory in some incurable diseases to help the defense mechanism (Tabiyat mudabbir-E-badan).

The ancient physicians have excellently devised the criteria of Diseases, Diagnosis and treatment which are still followed by the modern world. So, the diagnosis was also excellently devised by observing Nabz (Pulse), general condition of patient (Hayyat), Baul (Urine) and Baraaz (stool).

Nobody, even in this advance stage of development can deny the importance of all these systems. They have also established the mportance of normal human life procedure. (Asbab-E-sitta Zarooria) prevention of Diseases, Dietary restrictions, etc, .
The Regimental therapy includes Venesection, Cupping, Diaphoresis, Diuresis, Bath, Massaging, Cauterization, Purging , Emesis, Exercise, Leeching etc.
As every field demands to cater the needs of ailing people, the Unani System of medicine has got its own research methodology.

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